eCommerce Store Competitor Analysis ToolBeta

Begin your analysis of eCommerce markets with our handy eCommerce competitor research tool. Just type in a niche or main type of product and our tool will show you stores in that niche together with their SEO strength and typical product range.

Example: golf supplies, dog training, bridal lingerie

Interpreting The Data

Moz Data

MozRank is a score from 1 to 10 that can be used to gauge the relative size and importance of a website (10 = highest). In search results it's generally much more difficult to outrank sites that have a higher MozRank score. However they can be outranked by more relevant content for a specific keyword search.

The table row colours in the table above are colour coded to show what the competition is like for your query:
= very large competitor stores. These can be outranked by focussing on a particular mini-niche, as the larger stores tend to be less specific in their product focus.
= medium sized large competitor stores. These can be outranked by creating higher quality, more relevant content. Work on writing longer product descriptions, and on gaining product reviews from customers.
= smaller competitors. It should be easy to outrank these sites with a little link building.
= FindAStore or Moz doesn't yet have data for these stores. If the store's domain name was recently registered then they're likely to be brand new stores and should be easy to outrank.

Equity Links shows the number of 'dofollow' links a website has from highly trusted domains. Google and other search engines attach great importance to this figure, as it is a general measure of how 'important' a website is. To outrank a competing store you will generally need more high quality backlinks than they have.

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Finding Less Competitive eCommerce Niches

The country flags in the table above show where each store's main market is*. A good way to find a less competitive niche is to find a particular product or product range where there are less stores operating in your particular country or geographic region. This is often a little easier with products that are difficult or are more expensive to post, as well as those that are prohibited from being shipped by air.

You can also focus on smaller 'micro-niches'. You can then find products to service this very specific niche. For example instead of selling cat toys, you could just focus on cat toys for older cats, or cat toys for smart cats. You can find very specific markets using our Niche Laboratory Pro niche research software.

Increasing Store Traffic in More Competitive Niches

Here are a few tips for growing your market share in one of the more competitive dropshipping eCommerce niches:

* Store best selling products data is only available for Shopify stores. For WooCommerce stores a selection of the store's product range is displayed.

Store main market country data is only available for Shopify stores.